What is the indication for the test?

Assess how you process a normal solid meal

How long does the test take?

Please allow 2 hours.

What does the test involve?

You will eat an egg roll which contains a small amount of a radioactive tracer. Following consumption of the meal images will be taken for 1.5 hrs watching the food digest.

Is there any preparation?

Yes. 4 hour fast. No eating or drinking.

Can I take my medication?

Yes. You must take any medication prior to the 4 hour fasting period.

What are the side effects?

There are no reported side effects from this test. You are able to drive.

Precautions following the procedure

As a result of the radioactive ingestion you will be giving off a small amount of radiation. It is advisable you limit your time in close proximity to pregnant women and children for 12 hours following the test.

How much radiation is involved?

1/200 of a Chest X-Ray.

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