What are the indications for this test?

Heartburn, Cough, Chest pain, Sore throat, Throat clearing, Recurrent Chest infections, Pneumonia, Lung Damage.

What are the benefits of having the scan?

This scan will allow your Doctor to determine the extent and severity of your reflux disease.

How long does the test take

Approximately 3 hrs

What does the test involve?

Part 1: 2 min image
Part 2: 30 min image
1.5hr gap (No eating or drinking) You may leave our clinic during this part of the test. Part 3: 2-15 min image

Is there any preparation?

Yes. 4 hour full fast. No eating or drinking. (You may brush your teeth and rinse but no swallowing) 

Can I take my medication?

Yes, but you must take any medication prior to the 4 hour fasting period.

When will my Doctor have the results?

Your Doctor will receive the results within 24 business hours.

What are the side effects?

There are no reported side effects from this test. You are able to drive.

Precautions to follow following your test?

As a result of the radioactive isotope ingestion you will be giving off a small amount of radiation. It is advisable you limit your time in close proximity to pregnant women and children for 12 hours following the test. 

How much radiation is involved?

1/100 of a Chest X-Ray.

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