NOTE: We no longer perform this test due to unavailability of the agent from ANSTO

What are the indications for this test?

The indications for gallium are suspected infection in the back, Detect the source of an infection (Fever of unknown origin), Sarcoidosis. Lymphoma and Non-Hodgkins Lymphoma to a lesser extent as other tests are more commonly used these days.

For all other bone and joint infections please refer to Leukoscan information.

Is there any preparation?


How long does the test take? 

A Gallium Scan is performed over multiple days.

The first part involves and injection being given. This takes approximately 15 minutes

The second part involves a scan this is performed 1 or 2 days following the injection. This can take between 1-1.5 hours.

Precautions to follow

You will be radioactive for a number of days as a result of the procedure. Please avoid close exposure to children, pregnant women and crowded places. 

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