Patients are charged the current Medicare Scheduled fee. After payment we lodge your claim electronically to Medicare for rebate. All being well, you should receive the rebate payment to your designated bank account within a couple of working days.

If you are a holder of any of the following Government Issued cards we will bulk bill you:

    Commonwealth Seniors Card (Not Seniors Card)
    Pensioner Concession Card
    Heath Care Card

Reflux Study ONLY (All patients who hold a Medicare Card are BULK BILLED)
Patients may pay the scheduled fee by Credit/Debit Card (No AMEX) or cash.

NOTE: If your appointment is in relation to Workers Compensation, Insurance or 3rd Party we cannot claim via Medicare. All Workers Compensation, Insurance and 3rd Party claims are charged at the current AMA gazetted rate.

We MUST receive written approval from your insurance company / 3rd party clearly addressed to our practice and stating the approved test.

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