Reflux can cause chronic cough and sore throats. See how and why!

Back Pain with a normal MRI? The best diagnostic test and treatment is available!

Chest pain or questionable coronary angiogram results. The best test around.

Diagnoses local oesophageal disease and its complications in the sinuses, larynx and lungs- especially in chronic cough.

Mechanical dysfunction of the SIJ is more common than disc prolapse as a cause of lateralising low back pain and responds to physio in 80%. We have developed a diagnostic SPECT/ CT test and patented the process. This test is available exclusively at this practice.

We use adenosine and treadmill stress with prone imaging to avoid attenuation artefacts rather than CT attenuation correction alone which increases the rate of false positives.

Welcome to CNI Molecular Imaging - Meadowbank

CNI Molecular Imaging is owned and operated by Professor Hans Van der Wall and Dr Michael Magee.

We offer a comprehensive range of Nuclear Medicine studies. We have a dedicated staff that are committed to excellence in patient care. Three Hybrid gamma cameras with inbuilt CT scanners are used for all imaging. A state of the art cardiac stress testing laboratory is used for myocardial perfusion imaging. We have developed and patented studies for gastroesophageal reflux and low back pain.

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